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The Story Behind the Lyrics__Under My Big Mimosa Tree


The Story Behind the Song

Under My Big Mimosa Tree

 Under my big mimosa tree cover art

An old farm house I rented while I lived in central California had this magnificent old mulberry tree just outside the kitchen door. It provided wonderful shade from the hot summer sun and the berries were sweet & tasty. One summer I set up an old claw foot bathtub in it's shade, just out of reach of falling berries. Filled with cool water, many a hot, dry evening were spent there soaking in cool water with my radio & a cold drink. Mimosa Tree began as a fun little ditty about that old tree.


With pen & paper in hand, my fertile imagination kicked in and ideas began to flow. Soon, a song began to... um... to take root. Of course, anyone who has ever gone near a mulberry knows they're way too messy to entertain 'guests' there. Mimosa's are far more accommodating and the word, mimosa seemed somehow more poetic.


Originally the song was a slow, swing beat jazz tune featured on my Ladies Night CD. The arrangement offered here is the blues/rock version I currently sing at my live shows. It's one of Miz Linda's favorites.


Miz Linda, you ask? She's the one you'll see at nearly all of our local shows. She's one of those dear friends who's always spreading the word & cheering us on. Miz Linda is the one in the front row, clapping, singing along, and filling the room with her enthusiasm and infectious smile. She's our #1 Fan and our official good will ambassador.

Thank you Miz Linda. We know you'll be reading this. Many hugs to you.

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